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Would you like to know how I create a Udemy course every single day and generate a re-occurring six figure income with online video courses? Then this course is for you!

I will show you step by step how to plan, create, sell and promote online video courses and how to do all of that in only 24 hours!

If you think it is impossible to create high quality online courses in only 24 hours – then let me prove you wrong. Here on Udemy, I am a top-rated premium instructor, I already published more than 15 bestselling courses with more than 150.000 happy students inside and outside of Udemy from 166 countries.

And let me tell you: I will reveal my course creation secrets in this online training. You will learn exactly how to create amazing courses that students love in a matter of 24 hours.

But, why exactly should you create a course every day?

Before I started Udemy, I had hundreds of free videos on YouTube. I simply have a strong passion to teach. If you don’t have any passion for teaching, then this course is not for you!

But if you want to teach, build a brand and make a living off online courses, then this course is a must-watch for you!

What will you be able to do after you finished watching this course? 

  1. Create a high quality video course every single day
  2. Plan, record, sell, and promote their courses successfully
  3. Build a business around your passion for online teaching and grow your brand worldwide quickly
  4. Utilize 30+ hacks to create engaging courses that students love quickly
  5. Advertise your courses effectively via Facebook Ads & other platforms
  6. and much more!

Here now in this masterclass, I will for the first time reveal my teaching secrets and show you how I make 6 figures every single year selling online courses.

When you are finished with this course, you will be ready to go! And don’t forget, your first course is only 24 hours away!

Now, I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, that’s why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.

Also, I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.


It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever. 

Go ahead and click the take this course right now button and I will see you in the course. Thanks again for enrolling!

Yours sincerely,

Leon Chaudhari 

  • instructor –

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