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UPDATE : New Course Added (Learn Awesome Animation in Photoshop with 7 Projects)

The Ultimate Photoshop Bundled Course 


Welcome to this Awesome Photoshop Bundled Course which consists of :

  • 7 Courses
  • 65 Projects Included
  • Over 190 Lectures
  • More Than 16 Hrs of Content

This Course will help you to learn not only Photoshop , but will also help you to Learn other related Awesome Skills like

** Retouching & Restoration ** ** Masking ** Animation ** ** Business Card Design ** ** Awesome Design Effects ** Text Effects ** and more …

This course is a bundle of 7 Courses :

  1. Mastering Photoshop : Basics to Advanced (15 Projects Included)
  2. Mastering Retouching and Restoration (15 Projects Included)
  3. Creating Awesome Long Shadow Effect (5 Projects Included)
  4. Creating Awesome Splatter and Dispersion Effect (5 Projects Included)
  5. Learn Designing Business Cards in Photoshop (10 Projects Included)
  6. Masking Women Hair in Photoshop (5 Projects Included)
  7. Learn Awesome Animations in Photoshop with 7 Projects

Here Listing all the features that you can learn from this bundled course :

  • Make you Friendly with Photoshop Software by explaining Photoshop Interface , Creating Basic Shapes.
  • Make you acquainted with Photoshop Tools, Working With Layers , Colors , Text, Filters , Guides, Grid etc.
  • Providing Awesome Layer Styles 
  • Blending Two Images Seamlessly 
  • Decorating an Image
  • Improving Image Quality
  • Awesome Text Effect
  • Reflection Effect
  • Whirlpool Effect
  • Rain Effect
  • Bookeh Effect
  • Cloud Effect
  • Creating Polygon Backgrounds
  • Creating Blur Backgrounds
  • Increasing Height of Building
  • Designing Pixel Perfect Designs
  • Retouching Hair , Eyes , Lips , Teeth , Skin
  • A Fun Project where we will turn a Normal Image into Vampire Image
  • Restoring Damaged Image
  • 4 Techniques of Creating Awesome Long Shadow Effects with 5 Projects
  • Creating Water Dispersion Effect
  • Creating Particle Dispersion Effect
  • Creating Splatter Effect
  • Designing Print Ready Business Cards with 10 Projects
  • You will get the Best Solution for Masking by Learning how to Mask Women Hair with 5 Projects of Varying Hair Styles of Women . If you can mask Woman Hair , you can mask anything .

I am really feeling honoured to walk you through all of these in this Course.

So why waiting . Enroll Now . I am Looking forward to see you inside .


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