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Parenting Styles


There are many different types of parents out there. It can be really difficult to determine which of the parenting styles you are going to use with your own children. One problem is that each parent tends to choose the style that they were raised with whether or not that is a style that is beneficial to them. To overcome their own upbringing and choose a parenting style that is going to be best for their own family can feel like an impossible task.

The Four Different Parenting Styles

There are four main parenting styles that are recognized. These are Authoritative Parenting, Authoritarian Parenting, Uninvolved Parenting, and Permissive Parenting.

Authoritative Parenting

Parents who choose authoritative parenting are going to have clearly defined rules for their children. While there are high expectations of the children, the style is still considered to be democratic as the parents will discuss things with their children. The parents allow the children to ask them questions. Parents remain nurturing when children do not follow through with their expectations.

Children are still punished but their punishments are a fair representation of their actions. These parents are supportive and not overly restrictive.

This parenting style not only leads to happy children but also is known for raising children who are successful. There are fewer battles with mental anguish and children generally have a high self esteem. They also have a good grasp on the value of hard work and determination.

Authoritarian Parenting

This style is drastically different from authoritative parenting in that the children are expected to follow very strict rules. The rules often seem unfair and there is no room for disagreements or discussion. Parents do not allow their children to have an opinion or a say in how they are raised. Parents are not willing to listen to their children’s complaints and complaints often land children in trouble. When being punished, the punishments seem unusually harsh for the circumstances.

While children are known to behave and listen to what their parents say, they are not known for being happy. Later in life children are likely to suffer from low self esteem and depression or other mental health issues.

Uninvolved Parenting

Parents who are uninvolved are not going to have a lot of rules for their children. They are also not going to talk to their children or communicate with them. Their children grow up being an afterthought with little interaction from their parents. The children often have basic needs that are not met and in some cases can be severely neglected.

These children often have a number of issues as adults. They have a lack of self control which can lead to criminal activity. School performance is lower than their peers and they do not show respect to those who are in authority. They really struggle to succeed in life and few of them are successful.

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are known for being indulgent with their children. They are not going to give their child demands or have rules for them. Instead they are going to spoil their child and give in to their child’s every demand. The parents do not punish children when they do something wrong but rather continue to reward the child. The parents are very in tune with their children and talk to them all of the time. In some cases it might even seem as though the parents are friends with their children instead of being their parents.




Children who have permissive parents are known for having low self esteem. They also have no idea how to control themselves which can lead to many issues with indulgent lifestyles. They do not do well with those who are in authority and lack the ability to show them respect. They also tend to have poor grades and often expect to be handed things rather than understanding that they should be working for them.

The many different parenting styles can be hard to decipher. It is important that you work towards being an authoritative parent so that you can help your child to succeed in all areas of their life. Remembering that it is okay to be a parent and not your child’s friend will get you far.

What kind of parenting do you practice?  Leave in comment section below.








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