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By qimono from Pixabay



While Walking On The Beach

© Ralph P Quinonez

Published: October 2016

You look out into the water;
The waves make the most beautiful sound.
A place you find peace and comfort,
Walking hand in hand and looking around.

As you walk toward the water,
Sand coats the bottom of your feet.
The smell of the sea salt drawing you closer,.
The view is so beautiful, oh so sweet.

Almost as if it is calling you.
Sometimes it’s only in your mind.
A place to clear your thoughts
And leave everything very far behind.

You find shells, rocks, and other things.
The warmth is like a kiss from up above.
Looking out into the Gulf Coast
Can only remind you of true love.

As the waves come crashing in,
Time seems to be standing still.
The sun is shining down on you
As you walk the beach at your will.

Paradise you thought you could never reach.
Out in the distance you can see the ships sailing by.
Tears of joy for the scene God has put before you,
As the moment makes you cry.

Two shadows are together as one,
A sign of great unity.
A great day full of fun
While walking at the beach.

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Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/while-walking-in-the-beach



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