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Raising a Child is Like Planting and Caring for a Tree

So many times in life as a parent it is going to be easy to get frustrated. Your child might not learn the things that you want them to. Your children are also going to disappoint  you with the choices that they make. You can look at raising children to be lot like planting and caring for a tree.

The biggest challenges for a parent are learning how their child is going to grow and learn. In addition the greatest rewards come from knowing that your child has grown and learned all that they need to know. Finally you learn that when these two things are not happening the biggest frustrations set in. This can
cause you to make all kinds of decisions but learning that your child is like a tree can help you to relax and continue on to nurture your child and give them all that they need.

How Raising a Child is Like Planting and Caring for a Tree

A seed is planted

At the moment of conception, it is like planting a seed into the ground for a tree.  The seed is not going to grow on its own, nor is the fertilized egg. Both are going to require a lot more work and effort over the years.

The Seed Must Be Nourished
In order for the seed to grow into a sapling you are going to have to nourish it on a regular basis. This is the same as the egg needing to be nourished to grow into a fetus and then continuously nourished to become a healthy baby. Then
that baby is going to need additional nourishing in order for the baby to grow into a child. This nourishing is going to require physical effort and work in both cases.

Watering is a Must
The tree will need to be watered everyday for a long time after it has become a sapling. Your child is going to need additional nurturing the entire time that they are growing. Just because the seed becomes a sapling does not mean that it can care for itself. This is the same with your child. Just because they are a child does not mean that they no longer need the help of their parents. If you are not watering the tree every single day it is not going to survive. If you do not nurture your child each and every day then there will be lasting problems for them.

Watering continues until the sapling becomes a young tree. The advice that children get from their parents needs to continue until they become a young adult. While parents can continue to share their information after that time, it is not a requirement for their adult child to be healthy like it is for a younger child.

Learning how to give your child what they need can be quite hard but when you think about it in terms of what a tree needs it all seems to make sense. This is something that will help you to be able to make sure that you can raise a healthy and happy child who grows into a strong and healthy adult.

Teaching Kids to Make Good Choices


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