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Hi all,

As many of you know, I have suffered with MS and it’s side-effects for many years now.  I’m still kicking and hope to be for many more years, if the Lords willing. Here in Ohio the sun is finally out after many days of rain and major flooding.  Many people were misplaced and their homes ruined.  I can’t even imagine that.  What in the world would you do if a tragedy like that happened to you?  I know that’s something we never talked about at my house.  I pray that everyone gets through the hardships they face.

I’m still in search of a publisher for my “Bully Buddy” book.  I have researched several companies and just need to make a decision (want to make the right choice).  I was hoping to have the book and toy out by the end of this year but, it doesn’t look too promising.  My toy is under production at “Mary Meyer” in Vermont.  Great family business.  I love the story behind this company.  Read about it on their website, “Mary Meyer”.

Anyway, since the sun is out today I thought what could I do to get out and get some of that great Vitamin D shining down waiting to be soaked up.   So, after careful thought what I came up with is, of course, what every woman does rain or shine.  Go shopping!  I thought, I will be out in the sun from the car into the store which is a good thing.  The sun will shine through the car windows on me as a come and go.  That’s a good thing too.  I may put my car window down to let some direct sunlight in as I travel.  That’s a good thing.  You know they always say, “too much of a good thing isn’t good”.  I don’t want to over do it.  I think with that plan everything and my day will work out just fine.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend.  I hope you get lots of sun shining down upon you.  (Besides, I have given you so many ideas of how to do that).

Here are a few pictures of the kids at home.  Henry just doesn’t know how to control that tongue of his.  He was given one that just doesn’t quite fit in that mouth of his.  (I love to see it hanging out.  It’s so cute).  Katie of course still “goes with the flow”  She’s a woman, what else would she do?  She has a mean growl too for a little woman.  Like a lot of women I know.













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