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? Kids Songs by Dave and Ava | Nursery Rhymes ?




  I hope this picture makes you think of something that makes you happy. Something that made me happy when I was young was, every Saturday, me, my sister and my cousin (all girls) would go to my great-grandmothers house who lived just down the road from us. We could see her house from our …


Not a Care in the World

Not a Care in the World   By Skitterphoto from Pixabay The joys of being a child.  Riding off in the sunset without a care in the world.   Breathe: A Memoir of Motherhood, Grief, and Family Conflict     Choosing The Family Pet  

Parents Recipes

Cooking Italian for Beginners

Welcome to my Cooking Italian for Beginners Course! Have you always wanted to cook Italian in your own kitchen? And more importantly cook Italian the way the Italians cook it? Look no further! What you’ll be getting: Traditional, authentic recipes from Italy Italian recipes made from scratch 20 years of Italian cooking experience condensed into …

Parents Recipes

Top Secret Restaurant Recipes Exposed “Copycat Recipes”

Top Secret Restaurant Recipes Exposed “Copycat Recipes”   It has been noted that the average American family dines out at an average of three times each week. Depending on the number of people in a family, the choice of food ordered and the selected restaurant, this casual dining experience can quickly become a very expensive …



Summertime By qimono from Pixabay     While Walking On The Beach © Ralph P Quinonez Published: October 2016 You look out into the water; The waves make the most beautiful sound. A place you find peace and comfort, Walking hand in hand and looking around. As you walk toward the water, Sand coats the bottom …


Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love   By sathyatripodi from Pixabay   Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love.   There may be affiliate links in this post that I may make commission on if you make a purchase.  This …


Summer Activities for Kids

CBPROads   Summer Activities for Kids Often parents are left wondering how to make their kids busy in summer time. Some kids end up spending boring summers and some kids take full advantage of it mainly due to their parents smart planning. There are plenty of choices available to make your kid’s summer full of …

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