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How To Create A Profitable Online Course On Udemy

There are thousands of courses on Udemy in hundreds of niches. Some are profitable and others are not – what’s the difference?

Learn how to create a high-quality and profitable online course quickly with Jim Bruce, 5 year veteran of creating courses on 6 different eLearning platforms.

The course breaks down the steps need to create a profitable course, and begins with choosing the niche. This is vital. Yes, you may be passionate about fermenting Mongolian Yak milk, and create a stunning course, but if no-one searches for it, it’s a complete waste of time.

If you aim is to make money from online courses (and it should be) than each part of the process needs to be considered, and it’s impact on the bottom line.

The process starts with choosing the niche and flows on from there. This is what you will learn in the course:

  • How to choose a profitable course topic

  • How to choose the correct URL

  • How to choose the a cluster of very relevant keywords for your course

  • Integrate a keyword cluster into your course text

  • How to create course content even if you have no skills for the topic

  • Learn recording tips that create stunning promotional videos

  • How to record appealing and effective lecture videos quickly

  • The correct way to promote and use course coupons

  • Develop multiple income streams – the key to building an online income

Everything you need to start making money in days with online course is here.

Sign up now – you won’t be disappointed.


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