I hope this picture makes you think of something that makes you happy.

Something that made me happy when I was young was, every Saturday, me, my sister and my cousin (all girls) would go to my great-grandmothers house who lived just down the road from us. We could see her house from our house. We’d get up, have breakfast and then start walking to Moo Moo’s house, (about 4 houses down on the opposite side of the street). We made sure that we were in time for lunch because it was that “grandma food” (nothing can come close to that) liver cakes, potato cakes. Now, I couldn’t eat a liver cake if you payed me. There was a special plate that she only had one of. It wasn’t a pretty plate either. It had some not-so-pretty brown flowers on it. To us it was beautiful and some of the finest china we’d ever seen. That plate was rotated to each great grand-daughter on different Saturdays. We loved that plate. So funny what you remember and what little things made such an impact on you. Around late afternoon before supper we’d head on up the road again and look forward to the next Saturday.

Years ago when my husband and I moved out of town I went to a barn sale. You wouldn’t believe what was in this old barn for $5.00. A complete set for 4 of that special plate from Moo Moo’s house. I could have cried. I couldn’t believe it. Of course I swooped them up.


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