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How You Grow – A Simple and Fun Experiment for Summer

What are your hands going to be doing this summer?  Of course, all sorts of fun stuff.  Throwing baseballs.  Playing basketball.  Holding popsicles and eating them.  Playing in the sand.  Feeling the water go through your fingers in the swimming pool or ocean.  Holding hands with your best friends.  Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of fun doesn’t it?  I wonder how much  your hands will grow over the summer.  Did you ever think about that?  Let’s find out.  I have a project for you. 


What you need:




2 white paper plates – Paper will work better than styrofoam  

Finger paint, any color will do.  You can even mix a couple colors together.  That would look cool!



Place the newspaper on the table, floor or wherever you choose to do your project so the paint stays on the paper.  Place the 2 white paper plates on the newspaper.  One plate is for the paint and other one is for your finished handprint.  Spread a light coating of paint all over one of the paper plates.  Carefully place your hand on the paper plate with the paint on it.  Press down carefully so as to cover your whole palm, (have Mom or Dad help).  Now, take your hand off of the paper plate with the paint on it and very carefully and very slowly place your hand down on the clean paper plate. Be sure not to move your hand around on the clean plate to prevent smearing.  Now lift your hand straight up off the plate and you should see a perfect handprint of your palm.   Do you see it?   That’s your hand!!  Cool!  You did such a good job!  Pat yourself on the back!  I knew you could do it!  

Now, place the paper plate with the handprint on it in a safe place so it can dry thoroughly.  After it dries place it on the fridge so throughout the summer you can place your hand on the painted print to see how it’s growing.  At the end of summer repeat the above process to compare the prints and see just how much your hand grew over the summer.  I bet you’ll be surprised.  

In September I’ll be posting pictures of handprints to show just how much they grew over the summer.  If you want to participate have Mom take a picture of you and your palm prints and e-mail it to me (bullybuddyzone@gmail.com)  I’ll be posting pictures on the “Bully Buddy Zone” Blog for all other buddies to see just how much your hand grew over the summer.  

Happy Summer!

Be safe!

Look both ways before you cross the street!

Don’t talk to strangers!

Don’t be a bully!

Listen to Mom & Dad                                                                                     

Most importantly:


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