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Life is full of surprises and there a big difference between expectation and reality. Everyone can relate to awkward moments like when you try to look glamorous but your hair is not magnetic enough to flip like in a romantic film. When you are going to visit a gym, you think that you look stunning: your hair is brushed, your new crop top and pants are awesome and skin is glowing. Reality: you look exhausted and totally wet. All girls want to believe that they look absolutely hot on heels and that it’s not a big problem to wear them. The reality is that you look clumsy and ready to go barefoot. Online shopping is a great way to save a penny, but also it can turn into hilarious fails. Do you want to change your hairstyle? You have found an amazing hairstyle on a picture but the actual result is awful. Everyone has this awkward moment when you realize that your new hairstyle is a catastrophe. How do you usually celebrate your wedding anniversary? Check out a funny scene we share?
Do you always take a cart when you walk into the grocery store? Usually, you think that you don’t need a cart as you want to buy only a shampoo. Every time it happens, I think that again it was a great mistake as I have already collected a lot of items and need a cart for sure. One more annoying situation is someone standing in front of the item you need and you need to wait for a long time and pretend that you are looking for another product. How do you feel when you stand near the refrigerator in the supermarket? Yes, it’s usually colder than in the Arctic.

00:24 Gym fails
00:51 High heels: expectation vs. reality
03:05 New hairstyle tragedy
03:45 Funny supermarket fails


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