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Kids of all ages like to work on different craft projects. Craft projects can be an ideal way to enhance skills of kids especially during summer vacations. However, not all parents and teachers have the time, energy or creativity to come up with ideas on their own. This problem can be solved today by finding different type’s of kids craft books.

Kids craft book provides different project ideas for kids to make at home. Craft books can provide a break for parents from their kids to do their work. Crafts book are of different types

Preschoolers Crafts

Preschoolers love activity. They love to make things happen. A preschooler craft book can provide craft ideas for young children including mess-free paint kits, play dough and non-messy crafts.

Some examples of preschooler crafts are;

• Rock Painting

• Creating a Spring Bookmark

• String Art Painting

• Mirror image painting

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Elementary Crafts for Kids

Elementary Crafts are a perfect solution for a school child. The best judge as to whether your child can handle these crafts is you. Your goal is to have them enjoy themselves without getting frustrated. Some examples of elementary crafts are

• Recycled CD girl

• Button treasure box

• Painted snowflake picture

• Napkin butterfly


Crafts for kids 10+

Crafts for kids of age ten or above are a great thing to make them feel a sense of accomplishment.

Craft books for children and young adults enhance skills and help them to become more creative. They provide step by step guidance to beginners and are written in simple languages. Some of the examples of crafts for kids 10+ are;

• Dressing up a plain napkin ring with seashells, stickers and flowers.

• Create a doll using a badminton bird to display on your dresser or sit on a bedside table.  Draw a face on the upper part of the badminton bird.  Paint or color the dress with paints or markers.

• Recycled CD Sun catcher

• Paint a simple outdoor scene on a rock and use it as a paperweight or a decoration on a desk.


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